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INTERPOL recruits throughout the world in order to attract the best and most varied candidates. Nationals of all Member states are encouraged to apply.

INTERPOL has four official languages: English, French, Spanish and Arabic. Working language in Singapore is English.

INTERPOL retains the right not to make any appointment to this vacancy, to make an appointment at a lower or upper grade or to make an appointment with a modified job description or for a shorter or longer duration than indicated above.

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Digital Crime Officer (8 Posts) - 12/103/EDIGCI/IDCC




This vacancy announcement pertains to law enforcement officials within INTERPOL's member countries only.
Please read the Conditions of Secondment in force at INTERPOL by following the link: Conditions of secondment.
Please be aware that your home Administration/Agency/Service/Government will be responsible for all of your salary/remuneration, social insurance, pension contributions, welfare benefits, family allowances, benefits during your assignment at INTERPOL as well as travel, removal expenses related to your arrival at and departure from INTERPOL and any other related costs depending on your circumstances.  It is requested that you obtain in writing, confirmation from your home Administration/Agency/Service/Government that it agrees with these CONDITIONS OF SECONDMENT PRIOR TO APPLYING THROUGH THE NCB.

INTERPOL is the world’s largest international police organization, with 190 Member States. Created in 1923, it facilitates cross-border police co-operation, and supports and assists all organizations, authorities, and services whose mission is to prevent or combat international crime. INTERPOL is now looking for fifteen qualified candidates to serve as Digital Crime Officers within the ITERPOL Digital Crime Centre Directorate* in the INTERPOL Executive Directorate for Global Complex for Innovation*.

Job Title: Digital Crime Officer (8 posts)
Reporting To:  Assistant Directors at the INTERPOL Digital Crime Centre
Location:IGCI, Singapore**
Duration: Three-year secondment
Grade: 5
Security Clearance Level: Basic
Deadline for applications:Until posts are filled
Scheduled starting date:1 post by July 2014, 2 posts by July 2015, 5 post by July 2016

  PLEASE clearly indicate your preferred starting year in your covering letter and Curriculum Vitae when submitting your application.

The mission of the INTERPOL Digital Crime Centre Directorate is to provide up-to-date specialized knowledge, training and investigative support in cybercrime, research & innovation and cybersecurity areas. In pursuit of that mission, the post holder will be a member of a team whose role is to; 1) Make expertise available in cybercrime investigative support, research & innovation and cybersecurity areas; 2) Develop and enhance partnerships with organizations which deal with the global cybercrime related issues; 3) Develop and co-ordinate best practices in specific crime areas; 4) Increase the flow and exchange of information related to the allocated cybercrime related areas.

Primary Duties

Production of analytical reports and assessments on various IDCC issues

  • Produce analytical reports and assessments on various IDCC issues related to the cybercrime investigation, research & innovation and cybersecurity in support of the decision making by the Advisors and/or Assistant Director for IDCC;
  • To apply various strategic and developmental analytical skills and methods, to deliver finished analytical written products (containing inferences and often recommendations) in printed, digital or oral form, ranging from regular oral briefings to highly complex written products;
  • To assume responsibility for collection of information needed for those reports and assessment and supporting the conclusions.

Production of Strategic documents and assessment in support of strategic decision making process.

  • To conduct feasibility studies and write reports, assessing whether and under what conditions a proposal for analytical assistance is feasible, and prepares project plans for analytical support and strategic analysis.
  • To collect the information and apply various strategic analytical methods, for preparing strategic document in support of strategic decisions of the Supervisors and/or Assistant Director for IDCC.
  • To assist in the development of and applying new strategies and methods for analysis and dissemination, allowing delivery of timely and relevant strategic analytical products.

Preparation and drafting of IDCC policies, recommendations and other written documents

  • To assist the supervisors and/or Director for IDCC, in diverse areas such as revising and providing recommendations on the content/presentation of IDCC products/policies, the Executive Committee documents etc., or on any other IDCC organizational matters, as required by supervisors and/or the Director for IDCC.
  • To conduct, under the general direction of supervisors and/or the Director for IDCC, comprehensive research, evaluations, and analysis, requiring interpretation of rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the Organization, on a wide variety of complex organizational issues or administrative programs, that are submitted to the Director for IDCC.  In addition, to provide the Director for IDCC with original advice on these studied files.

Drafting of speeches, presentations and important background documents for missions of the Executive Director INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation.

  • To perform environmental scanning, by applying advanced techniques, in search of emerging issues or trends of a political, economic, social or technological nature;
  • To deliver finished analytical written products (containing inferences and often recommendations) in printed, digital or oral form, ranging from regular oral briefings to highly complex written products, often resulting in new insights that have a major effect on the understanding and interpretation of the subject matter;
  • To attend INTERPOL working group meetings and conferences, as well as workshops, often delivering reports and (computer-aided) briefing documents;
  • To apply various strategic analytical methods, to provide concise written reports and oral briefings as needed;
  • To assist in the development of and applying new strategies and methods for analysis and dissemination, allowing delivery of timely and relevant strategic analytical products;
  • To prepare all types of support for the presentations and speeches given by the Executive Director INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation.

Direct support to programme and project management within the INTERPOL Digital Crime Centre.

  • Whenever required by the Director for IDCC or the Assistant Director, the incumbent may be required to assist in managing major programmes and projects within the Executive Directorate.
  • Such assistance may include:
    • Direct involvement in planning, coordination and implementation of major programmes and projects, especially when these concern different directorates within the General Secretariat
    • Represent the IDCC in important programme or project meetings, both internally and externally
    • Providing training in specialized areas, in close coordination with the Directorate or Sub-Directorate responsible for the project or programme.

Performs other related duties as required by the Director of INTERPOL Digital Crime Centre and Assistant Director.


All candidates will be assessed on the under mentioned requirements.


  • Undergraduate University degree required


  • At least 3 years’ experience in investigating cybercrime, digital forensics area;
  • Experience in international co-operation/investigations and knowledge eg Cybercrime issues;
  • Strong background in Internet research;
  • Current responsibility for cybercrime related crime investigations;
  • Knowledge of multiple Computer Operating Systems;
  • Experience in development and presentation of cybercrime related training courses;
  • Working knowledge of legal issues relating to cybercrime;
  • Advance knowledge of digital forensics including securing digital evidence;


  • Professional fluency in English.
  • Proficiency in at least another of the Organization’s official working languages required.

Computer knowledge

  • Strong computer skills.
  • Proficiency in standard office word-processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation software.

Technical Competencies

  • Very strong communication skills, both in written and oral form
  • Ability to maintain objectivity and apply logical, specifically inductive, reasoning
  • Ability to synthesize
  • Ability to work independently as well as in teams
  • Ability to work persistently and under pressure, with discipline and high degree of self-motivation
  • Good social, specifically multicultural, skills
  • Highly developed initiative, creativity (original thinking) and curiosity
  • Ability to develop and maintain professional network
  • Listening skills
  • Willingness to learn
  • Personal maturity

In addition to the requirements, the following Assets and Special Aptitudes would be beneficial.

  • Post-graduate degree would be considered as an additional asset;
  • Background in telecommunications and IT systems is desirable;
  • Experience in working or studying in an international environment would be desirable;
  • Fluency/proficiency in other languages would be considered as an additional asset;
  • Experience in using link- and flowcharting tools and/or statistical/GIS/analysis software would be an asset;
  • Proficiency in web-publishing tools and/or ability to conceptualize and design databases according to project needs would also be considered as assets;
  • Ability to exploit the Internet and other electronic sources for the collection of open source information relevant to criminal intelligence analysis would be considered an asset.

Working Conditions

This post is to be filled on the basis of a secondment.

  • Remuneration: INTERPOL does not pay salary to seconded officials. Depending on the nationality of the official, an expatriation allowance may be paid for a maximum period of six years. For more information regarding conditions of service see Employment conditions for seconded officials available on the website (
  • This post requires occasional travel on missions, sometimes of a long duration and at short notice.
  • The incumbent will be occasionally required to work irregular hours or overtime based upon workload.

*The Organization reserves the right to modify the Directorate and/or Sub-Directorate’s name and internal structure. This may have an impact on the functional title and reporting lines of this position.

**The Organization reserves the right to change the duty station proposed in the present circular at any time, subject to the rules in force, and will inform the authorities concerned accordingly.


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